Live roulette allows you to feel like you are in a traditional casino

Live roulette allows you to feel like you are in a traditional casino

Roulette is constantly evolving despite having been in the casino halls for over a hundred years, which is why today you can have fun with live roulette from the comfort of your own home. 

Playing live roulette is a high quality experience for all users.

To play live roulette you will only need a device compatible with the casino of your choice and a good internet connection because, obviously, all actions are in real time. Let’s see how it works.

How live roulette works

Once an online casino offers you to play live roulette, you should know that the whole process will be covered in a very high quality due to the excellent video and audio quality available.

A game will be like watching an interactive movie. That is to say, you will be watching in real time the actions of the professional dealer as the ball rolls around the cylinder until it lands in one of the slots.

And speaking of the dealers: they are professionals trained to provide the best experience for every player – you can even interact with them thanks to a live chat available at every table!

Different software providers offer different products; however, the most common is that you can see the dealer and the wheel at the same time so that you don’t miss a second of the action of your game.

Now that you know how live roulette works, let’s take a look at how a game is played step by step – it’s a process that can take less than a minute!

A live roulette game

First of all, consider that the rules of Live Roulette are exactly the same as the traditional version, regardless of whether it’s French, European, American or any other variation.

This is particularly important because, if you think about it, traditional strategies such as Martingale also apply when playing live, so be sure to read our article on the best ones!

Perfect! Now let’s take a step-by-step look at what you’ll have to do in a conventional live roulette game. Note that we will start counting from the moment you have already chosen the game in which to participate.

Place your bets: You will have to place the chips with the amounts you want to put in play. Be careful! In this case you will have a limited amount of time to do it, so you will have to think fast.

  • The ball rolls: Once the chips and bets are on the board, the croupier will spin the ball to see which will be the winning square. Remember that you can interact with her through the chat!
  • Check results: This is the defining moment of all the spins you make, as you will see if the bet you made will result in a win or a loss. It’s all in the hands of chance!

That’s right, playing live roulette is just three simple steps for the gambler; and all you have to do is place the number of bets you want. The rest will be taken care of by the designated dealer at your table.

When visiting Spanish online casinos you’ll notice that you’ll usually be able to choose from a number of different titles available, so you’re probably asking yourself, “who makes the software I’m using? Another excellent question, and here you can read another answer.

Live roulette games are created by the best software developers.

Software developers are the companies that create all the games offered by an online casino. Therefore, they are responsible for creating these excellent new experiences available. Let’s take a look at the best ones.

Live roulette developers

Провайдер софта для live-казино: как выбрать и не ошибиться?. Создай собственный Игорный бизнес от компании Smart Money: Казино под Ключ, Биткоин казино, White Label Casino, Казино софт, Разработка игр для казино How to Choose a Decent Live Casino Software Provider. Create your own Gambling business by Smart Money: Turnkey Casino, Bitcoin casinos, White Label Casino, Casino Software, Casino Game Development Провайдер софту для live-казино: як не помилитися у виборі?. Створи власний Гральний бізнес від компанії Smart Money: Казино під Ключ, Біткоін казино, White Label Casino, Казино софт, Розробка Ігор для казино

When you play live roulette, you will most likely be making use of the products of four of the best developers in the entire casino world. Here is a brief description of them:

  • NetEnt: They offer products created with the most advanced technology on the market to guarantee the best experience for their users. They are also specialists in the creation of mobile compatible software.
  • Microgaming: Consistently awarded by specialists, this company has worked hard to recreate the traditional casino experience with their titles. They are eCOGRA approved.
  • PlayTech: With hundreds of high-definition cameras focused on capturing every single shot of your game, this developer offers some of the best live roulette games available today.
  • Evolution Gaming: If you’re looking for immersive gaming, then Evolution Gaming is the company for you, as they are pioneers in providing every last detail of every spin of every game.

Anyone who plays live roulette elsewhere, can be assured that they will have access to a wealth of tables controlled by some of the best developers in the business.

The dealers you’ll see across the web speak English, so you won’t have any kind of communication problem when placing your bet and enjoying the experience.

We haven’t even mentioned the best part yet, though. And that is that you can enjoy all of this on your mobil e, so you can take the excitement of the game with you wherever you go and wherever you are.

Live roulette for mobile

Most Spanish online casinos on the web offer you the chance to download a free app to your Android and iOS devices so you can stay connected wherever you are.

This, of course, also applies to playing live roulette. So you can visit your favourite dealer no matter what time or place. All you need is an internet connection on your mobile to start playing.

Today you can play the roulette wheels of your choice without any restrictions other than your desire to win! All you have to do is choose a casino that offers you the titles that catch your attention.

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