Slots versus Video Poker

Slots versus Video Poker

Jackpot Slots has been on the online casino gaming market for more than a year now. All this time has been enough to prove that online video poker has been losing ground. Not only is it losing popularity, but the casinos themselves are deciding to give it less prominence on their websites. The real reason is not so easy to describe. Some believe that it’s the slots games that are bringing in the most revenue for online casinos, other experts argue that video poker is no longer as attractive to gamblers, especially after the consolidation of live casinos on most of the more successful platforms.

Several Jackpot Slots users have contacted us to ask about this situation. They all agree that some online casinos have few video poker games in their game categories, while others have none at all. They point out that most of the games are video slots, progressive jackpot slots, followed by table games, live casinos and specialty games. What they seek to know for us is why video poker has been “deliberately” removed from the gaming options in online casinos.

Video Poker remains popular

To all our players, although there are some online casinos that do not offer video poker the good news is that most of them still do. I think it is safe to say that operators conduct a lot of research, surveys and based on this data decide to remove certain games from their list based on popular demand. This happens with video slots, casino games and video poker alike. At Slots Jackpot, being a free games site, a Slots Club, we do not concern ourselves with win margins or game exposure rates. We simply offer you whatever we think is fun and it stays there for free entertainment. If you want to play with real money, we recommend you the best place to do it and we guarantee you the best bonus to do it. That’s why you can always play free video poker here.

On the other hand, it is also true that there are online casinos that are especially dedicated to offering online poker games. Not only video poker, but also live tables where you can play with other experts, who play online from all over the world.

Profitable machines

One of the main reasons why online video poker was and still is so popular is that they are very profitable machines. If you know how to play poker you can get very good results at these video poker machines where you play against the “machine” by yourself. The Netent Holdem Poker offered at Jackpot Slots can give you an idea of this.

Play for free, place your bets relying on the same strategies you use at the physical poker tables. You’ll see the results come and go. If you’re convinced, take advantage of our bonuses and enjoy a paid game. This is how we can guarantee that video poker tables are not “dying”, they are just not a priority for many of the new online casinos operating in Latin America. If you want advice or are looking for answers, you know that here at Jackpot Slots you can find it.

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